About Me

How It Began

I have been interested casually in wine for years but it wasn’t until I moved to Turkey in 2012 that my interest morphed from casual to full blown, slightly pretentious, amateur. It seems odd that moving to a Muslim country would set me on this path but Turkey is, in fact, one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world. One night, while regaling a friend with a review of how awful one particular Turkish wine was she joked that I should start blogging reviews of all the Turkish wines so other people don’t have to make my mistakes. And so it began!

What has followed have been three years of exploring Turkish wine (much of which is amazing!), deeper learning, connecting to other wine writers, and visiting Turkish vineyards and wineries. What began as a hobby is now truly a passion and soon I’ll be leaving Turkey to study wine in Europe and gain WSET credentials.

Turkish Wines

A lot of people are shocked that Turkey both produces wine and that it produces good wine. Well, it can produce wine. There’s also a lot of swill that will make you go blind. When I moved here I was one of the people who believed that all Turkish wines belonged in that latter category. What I discovered was that, really like many countries, there is a vast diversity in quality. In Turkey you can usually tell the quality of wine by the price tag. Which on the one had is a good thing because you can at least start out with an indication of quality if you don’t know anything about the grape or the producer. On the other hand though, it means you’re often shelling out more than you’d like to get a decent bottle-to get a really remarkable bottle you need to break out the plastic.

Speaking of grapes-Turkey is home to many grape varieties not grown anywhere else. Hopefully the information found in this site’s Resources section will help familiarize you with them.

The Reviews

The vast majority of wine reviews here are about Turkish wine but there are a few other countries whose wine is represented here and there. Those sections will grow after I move and have better access to more international varieties.

The reviews are my own opinion. I am not paid for good or bad reviews and remember; just because I personally don’t like a particular wine does not necessarily mean it’s a bad wine!