The 2011 Suvla Kirte

Suvla has two Kirtes. A while back I reviewed the other Kirte (a Cabernet Sauvingnon, Syrah, Petit Verdot blend) and last week I picked up the 2011 Suvla Kirte at the shop in Cihangir. This is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc blend.

And wow. I did not think I would like this one as much because, you know, Merlot. Ick. But if the Merlot had anything to do with the flavor of this Kirte I may even be moved to try Suvla’s Merlot varietal.

Although frankly, the flavor of anything is going to be massively enhanced if you’re simultaneously enjoying the sunset and view out my window!

The 2011 Suvla Kirte nose was richly red (which I’ve decided is a thing) with cherries and something else…raspberry, maybe? If the nose made me smile, the flavor made me sing. Although not really because my cat really isn’t a fan of my singing.

From the first sip, the 2011 Suvla Kirte exploded with fruit! Every word I have to describe it is followed by an exclamation mark: Fruity! Juicy! Berries! Cherries! The palate was saved from being glorified juice (although darn good juice) by the subtle, but solid back bone of spice that gently let you know its there right at the end of the sip. It didn’t have the most remarkable finish, (this) Kirte was more about the now…but now is a very good with this wine, especially at only about 41TL for the bottle.

For the Americans out there, I found out that Suvla has a store front in New York! You should check it out-you won’t be sorry!

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