The 2014 Ma’Adra Blend

After the rousing success that was the Ma’Adra Cabernet Sauvignon and the disappointment of the Syrah, I decided I might as well go for the hat trick and try the 2014 Ma’Adra Blend-a 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. For 60 TL at La Cave it wasn’t as dear as either of the others so it didn’t hurt to try.

Ma'Adra Blend

A dark purple, full body in the glass with nice legs, the nose of the Ma’Adra Blend was really quite promising: raspberries, cedar, a hint of tobacco, baking spices, and milk chocolate.

On the palate the Ma’Adra Blend was initially rather sweet with jam, tobacco, and vanilla. The acid was rather high for my taste but the silky tannins and longish finish were nice. The more we sat with it the more flavors from its 18 months in oak became apparent. Under the jammy fruits was also a good deal of baking spices and caramel.

Yes that all sounds rather nice; but I didn’t love it. Nor did I hate; it was perfectly drinkable. However the Ma’Adra Cabernet Sauvignon impressed so much that they’ll have to do a lot better than the Ma’Adra Blend to compete with themselves.

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