7Bilgeler 2012 Reserve Bias Priene

7Bilgeler (Yedibilgeler) is one of my new favorite Turkish wine producers in the Aegean. The 2012 Reserve Bias Priene is a beautiful example of the magic that can happen with European grapes grown on the Aegean.

7Bilgeler, located bare minutes from the archaeological city of Ephesus is a beautiful complex that includes a boutique hotel. A perfect place to spend the evening relaxing after a day exploring the Greco-Roman ruins of Ephesus!

While there you can take the opportunity to try and buy as many of their wines as you can since the Istanbul-based wine merchants are so hit-or-miss on stocking these gems. Now that I’ll be staying in Turkey longer than I planned I am really looking forward to a visit soon!

Bias Priene

Tasting notes 7Bilgeler 2012 Bias Priene:

This particular blend is Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Merlot. At only 13.7% abv the Bias Priene is a medium bodied, bright, garnet red wine with silky tannins, mouth-watering acid, and a long, elegant finish.

Initially in the nose I got a lot of red fruits, wintergreen, and mint; but the Bias Priene had a bit of a split personality.  I have had so few red wines with a really meaty aroma/flavor but this was one of them. The charcuterie flavor was so dominant that a vegetarian friend of mine couldn’t even touch it.

Meat wasn’t the only distinguishing flavor in the Bias Priene. The charcuterie flavor was set off by big, tart red fruits: cherry and cranberry mostly. There was also some chocolate and an underlying earthiness that rounded out the flavor making it challenging but still very enjoyable.

Want to know what a meaty wine tastes like? You can pick up the 7Bilgeler 2012 Reserve Bias Priene at La Cave in Cihangir for about 75TL.

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