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The 2012 Plantaže Vranac

It’s been years and years since I’ve been to the Balkans but in that time the quality of the wine there has improved by leaps and bounds. E&M were in Montenegro this summer and brought back several bottles including this 2012 Plantaže Vranac which was a lot nicer than I remember Montenegrin wine being.

Plantaže Vranac

Vranac is the red wine grape in Montenegro and the Plantaže Vranac is a lovely example of it. It is medium bodied with a bright garnet color and a strong backbone of 14% abv. The acid was quite high though and I think this 2012 would be better in a few more years after it has had a chance to round out a little more.

In the nose there were a lot of fruits like blueberry and cherry along with dark chocolate, cinnamon, and liquorice. However complex was the nose though, to me the palate of the Plantaže Vranac needed more time to find itself. Not at all objectionable, on the contrary it was a very easy to drink wine but to me it was very fruit forward and juicy and did not display some of the more alluring characteristics from the nose.

I really hope to get my hands on more Balkan wines in the preferably near future!