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Wines made from Çavuş grapes

Corvus Tenia 2012 Çavuş

It’s so hot and humid in Istanbul these days it seems that even the Internet can’t be fussed to work. Knock on wood but it seems to have recovered at least a little today, although I have to compose all my emails in advance so I can hit ‘send’ during one of its working moments.

But to the point: I’ve had a couple wine now from Corvus and I’m not sure that I’m a fan. Could be I’m just picking the wrong grapes. The Corvus Tenia is a varietal wine made out of the Çavuş grape.

Çavuş is a greenish-gold grape native to the Turkish island of Bozcaada. The wine making culture on Bozcaada, or to give it its Greek name, Tenedos, stretches back thousands of years. Çavuş grapes generally make table style wines that are aromatic but without a remarkable presence.

Even Sherlock is skeptical

The Corvus Tenia had a nice color which is probably the last good thing I’ll say. The nose was very aromatic with florals and citrus. I tasted mostly the florals with a little lemon. While the nose was really quite lovely but it didn’t translate to the palate very well.

I’m not saying that the Corvus Tenia was terrible, just that it wasn’t to my taste. But if this ever made its way back into my wine cupboard here I’d probably save it for use as a cooking wine.