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Likya 2015 Merzifon Karası

Likya has a huge range of wines, including several varietals of native Turkish grapes that are really rare; including the Merzifon Karası. I put together an all Likya tasting in the fall for a group and wanted to include several of Likya’s more unusual varietals. In addition to a Chardonnay and a Malbec we tasted an Acikara and this 2015 Merzifon Karası.


Going with the Merzifon Karası for this tasting made me a little nervous. For one thing, it wasn’t a small investment. A bottle of this from La Cave will set you back 110TL. Additionally, no amount of Googling netted me any information about this grape. I still know nothing about the grape; although after having the wine I think it share some similar attributes with the more ubiquitous Kalecik Karası.

The Likya Merzifon Karası was far more of an approachable wine that I originally thought it might be and indeed went over well with my tasting group.

Merzifon Karası

In the glass this 14% APV wine is a very pale red, almost a brilliant fuchsia. The nose is lots of bred berries, raspberries, and pomegranate with light baking spices, vanilla, and cream. The latter was really interesting for me. Certainly I’ve both tasted and felt cream in a wine before but never have I smelled it.

On the palate there was little in the way tannin but lots of acid and a short finish. It was very juicy and just a little woody. It really mostly tasted like a raspberry-pomegranate juice box.

Not my personal favorite and I wouldn’t like to pay anything near 100TL for it again but I’m glad for the experience! Whether I like them or not, I’ve yet to have an out and out bad wine from Likya and happily doubt that I ever will.