2014 Chamlija Cabernet Franc

While Sherlock seemed utterly unmoved by this wine; I was not. I’m not usually a huge fan of Cabernet Franc but when Mustafa Çamlica, the owner of the Chamlija winery, suggested I try the 2014 Chamlija Cabernet Franc I wasn’t going to argue. I am so glad I took his advice.

Chamlija Cabernet Franc

This slightly opaque, bright, garnet red Chamlija Cabernet Franc (found at La Cave for 95 TL) has a nose redolent of dried strawberries, mint, green peppercorn, jalepeno, and green bell pepper. The palate is smooth tannins, mouth-watering acid, and a long finish with lots of spicy and pepper flavors backed up with raspberry and blackberry fruits.

Chamlija Cabernet Franc

My notes have ‘so nice’ written and underlined several times. I will definitely be buying the Chamlija Cabernet Franc again!

I love the way Chamlija describes their wines on the labels: the wines introduce themselves. This Cabernet Franc tells us that it is all from one vineyard, was picked by the first light on dawn on the 21st of October, and will age well until 2025. Although why you would wait until 2025 to drink this is beyond me because I think it’s already gorgeous in 2016-but whichever year you choose, this is a wine to fall in love with.

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