Corvus Aegea Kuntra 2011

I have not had a great deal of Corvus wines. I think I had a cheaper one ages ago, didn’t like it, and wrote off the entire winery. Which was really pretty stupid. I recently found a few bottles of Corvus that I had not seen before and decided to give them a try, including the 2011 Aegea  Kuntra.

I hadn’t heard of the Kuntra grape before but a little Googling later discovered that it is in fact the Greek name for the Karasakiz grape. Seeing as how Corvus’s home base is the island Bozcaada, which history knows better by its Greek name Tenedos; it makes sense that Corvus would use the grape’s Greek rather than Turkish name.

Gotta respect a nicely decorated cork.

Despite my trepidation going in, I think I liked the Aegea with its dark, dark garnet color and wafty scents of red fruits and spice. The Aegea doesn’t burn exactly, but it’s definitely somewhere on the jammy/hot side of the fence.

Niiiice tannins: well integrated, velvety, stick to tongue and we know that I pretty much enjoy anything with some good tannins. Medium+, well integrated acid help give the Aegea a long finish and while the red fruits from the nose followed through in the palate I think I also detected some apple?

For 43-ish TL at Carrefour this was a decent find. If I keep sipping my way through Corvus wines as enjoyably as I did the 2011 Aegea I will be in danger of becoming a Corvus fan!

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