The 2010 Diren Narince

The Diren Narince was a pretty decent Narince. I haven’t had many wines from this maker yet but this boded well for the rest. In any case I found it nicer than the Barudi Narince from a few weeks ago as that one was too oaky for me.

The Diren Narince was a nice light straw color. It was floral and mildly oaky on the nose. I guess I would describe this as Chardonnay adjacent which makes sense as Narince is often equated with Chardonnay.

There was definitely some oak happening here but it tasted, to me, more like it was treated with oak versus actually having been oak aged. Oak aside, the predominate flavors in this 2010 Diren Narince were citrus and floral with hints of pineapple.

Is it my favorite wine ever? No; but it wasn’t bad.

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