For the Love of Wine

For the Love of Wine by Alice Feiring is a great look at the raw (natural/biodynamic) wine movement in the Republic of Georgia and how Georgian wine has recovered out from under the thumb of Communist USSR.

Georgia seems to have finally passed the ‘up and coming’ stage and is now the new hip thing. Tourism is picking up, more Georgian restaurants are opening abroad, and Georgian wine is being consumed as quickly as it can be poured.

The quality of Georgian wine has been undervalued for years but thanks in large part to people making Georgian wine in traditional ways people are sitting up and taking notice. For the Love of Wine highlights a dedicated group making wine that is not only organic but raw and traditionally Georgian. Some of these people are young and new to the business, some are foreign upstarts, and some have been part of commercial wine making families for generations.

Feiring’s book introduces you to the people and wine methodologies in a narrative that is both heartfelt story telling as well as educational. It’s also a nice surface introduction to Georgian culture and history if you’re new to this magical country.

A really quick read, For the Love of Wine will whet your appetite for Georgian wine. Before you can finish the book you’ll wish you had some refreshing Mtsvane, a brooding Saperavi, or an amber qvevri wine to quaff.

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