Gali Evreshe Bordeaux Blend

The 2010 Gali Evreshe is the most expensive wine I’ve bought so far running around 50TL a bottle. Was it worth it…eh. It wasn’t bad! Quite the contrary. With an intense, dark plum color, light tannins, a soft feel, and a smooth flavor the this Bordeaux blend was quite drinkable.

Price is not always an indicator of a good wine in the states or Western Europe. One of my favorite wines when I lived in DC was an $8 bottle of Zinfandel.* However here the opposite is usually true in that the higher priced the wine is, the better the quality, as with the 100TL bottle of Prodom I plan to splurge on for my birthday. The Gali Evreshe was quite good; but it’s not the best wine Gali produces and, at that price, not even the best Turkish Bordeaux blend you can get.

*Just to give you an idea of mark up here in Turkey. Between the old alcohol taxes, import taxes, and the new alcohol taxes imposed last year, a bottle of Ravens Wood Old Vine Zinfandel, which runs between $12-15 at Trader Joe’s, costs 95TL (about $42) here. That’s a difference of roughly $30 dollars making it nearly three times the cost.

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