Leona Bloom-The Best Misket

The Leona Bloom is yet another winner in the Misket family! I’ve only tried one wine from Leona in the past, a Kalecik Karasi/Merlot blend I didn’t much care for; however the Leona Bloom was quite lovely. Just sweet enough to not be dry, quite easy to drink and very aromatic with beautifully pronounced florals.

As with the previous Miskets, the Leona Bloom had a lovely pale, clear yellow color and floral nose but what made it stand out from the previous Misket wines I’ve tried was how strong the orange blossom aromas were. Since the orange blossom aspect of the Misket is my favorite part of the wine I certainly enjoyed that extra little kick! The flavor profile was also very much what I expected from a Misket (honeysuckle, orange blossom, a little citrus, and tropical) but again the stand out was the orange blossom and here also the honeysuckle. I do believe this is my favorite.

At about 32TL a bottle the Leona Bloom is a great deal. I think even people who aren’t such a fan of sweet wines might like this one. The palate is not cloyingly sweet-this is not a dessert wine. On a hot summer day this is quite refreshing. As with many sweeter wines this also paired well with spicy foods and would be able to stand up to not only Turkish-level spice but also the more exotic peppers and spices found in Thai and Indian cuisine.

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  1. Anonymous

    really loved this wine, tried in Turkey last year, so much so, I am still trying to find a stockist closer to home, can anyone help? cheers Lesley


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