The 2012 Ma’Adra Syrah

I had such hopes for the Ma’Adra Syrah after the way E and I fell in love with their Cabernet Sauvignon. Alas our hopes and expectations were dashed when we opened this one. At 90TL from La Cave that was a pricey heartbreak.

Syrah wines are supposed to be domineering bad asses with at least a solid medium body to back up powerful fruit and oak flavors. I think Ma’Adra missed the memo with this one.

Ma'Adra Syrah

Tasting notes 2012 Ma’Adra Syrah:

It started out well. In the nose of the Ma’Adra Syrah I got a lot of blackberry, black pepper, hazelnut, and vanilla which was really pretty nice. Then we tasted it which is where it all fell apart. On the palate the Ma’Adra Syrah was…medium. It had low-medium tannins, medium acid, and a medium finish. The fruit was the most dominate thing in the flavor with some of the black pepper and vanilla but the hazelnuts disappeared on me completely.

In the end the whole experience was very, ‘meh’. To be fair it did grow on me as we drank it but a wine that costs that much shouldn’t have to grow on me so I don’t think I’ll be going back for more of the Ma’Adra Syrah.

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