Nodus Cabernet Franc Merlot

Nodus Cabernet Franc Merlot 2012

Like the Urla, Nodus was another new discovery at Comedus. I chose this Nodus Cabernet Franc Merlot partially because Nodus was a new producer to me but mostly because I continue to search for a respectable Turkish Cabernet Franc. That this was a Cab Franc-Merlot blend didn’t thrill me a whole lot but I take what I can get.

A very pretty garnet in the glass, I was getting a lot of green pepper in the nose which surprised me. I don’t usually look for either of these varietals to be bell peppery.

Soft with low tannins and low acid, the mouth of the Nodus Cabernet Franc Merlot was full of lovely black mulberries and cherries. If I recall correctly, this was the night I heard the whole story of how M and E met as he and I got a little tipsy on a couple bottles. I believe the first bottle was the Turasan Syrah from a previous post followed by this one.

Lesson learned: drink the more expensive wine first. If you’re paying 75TL for a bottle of wine you’re going to want to be able to really savor that bad boy…not only half pay attention to it because you’ve already got half a bottle of 38TL wine in you.

For all of that…meh. It was fine. It wasn’t objectionable…but for price not really worth a second visit. So while I started this post excited to try the Nodus Cabernet Franc Merlot, I finished it fairly sure that I wouldn’t be trying more wines by Nodus anytime soon.

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