The 2013 Prodom Petit Verdot

For a very brief time I tried OK Cupid in Turkey. It was a largely uneventful experience but I mention it because it was while on a date that I found this week’s wine. He knew I was a wine lover and asked me to recommend a bottle so we wandered into a shop over in Karaköy (I know! I went to Asia for this guy but he was pretty cute, and tall, and a doctor). I was expounding on the merits of different wines when I saw the Prodom label. I started to tell him that if he wanted to invest the money then Prodom was a sure bet. Then my eyes caught up with my mouth and I saw something I’d never before found in the shops in my area: a Prodom Petit Verdot. I grabbed the one bottle and hugged it to my chest while saying: “Except this one; this one is mine.”

Probably needless to day but we haven’t been out again. For a wine like the Prodom Petit Verdot though it was a fair trade.

Prodom Petit Verdot

The nose of this beautiful wine was full of black fruits and flowers-violets and maybe lilac? Fourteen months in (French) oak have helped tame the high tannins into a really gorgeous velvety mouth feel with a long, enjoyable finish. The flavors called to mind blueberries and blackberry jam and mocha.

If you’re interested in trying a Petit Verdot varietal then the Prodom Petit Verdot is a nice place to start. Yes it’s going to put a small dent in your pocketbook but it could be worse. If you want to trek over to Karaköy to Rind then it will only set you back 95 TL; but if you’re too lazy to go to Asia then you can find it at the Savoy tobacco shop (in Cihangir on Siraselviler) for 115 TL.

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