Top Turkish Wines to Try

The last eight to ten years have seen an explosion in the Turkish wine industry; all this despite ever tightening regulations trying to stamp it out. While it’s not exactly an embarrassment of riches, there are some gems that shouldn’t be overlooked in the sea of of Turkey’s old reputation for bad wine.


  1. Chateau Kalpak Twin
  2. Chamlija Thracian
  3. Paşaeli 6N
  4. Suvla Sur
  5. Urla Tempus
  6. Kayra Versus Syrah Viognier
  7. Gali Blend
  8. Suvla Petit Verdot-Karasakiz
  9. 7Bilgiler Phytagoras
  10. Barbare Elegance
  11. Prodom Syrah Petit Verdot
  12. Chamlija Cabernet Franc
  13. Paşaeli K2
  14. Ma’Adra Cabernet Sauvignon
  15. Suvla Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  16. Arda Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon


  1. Kayra Versus Viognier
  2. Chamlija Albarino
  3. Chamlija Alvarinha Reserva
  4. Chamlija Quartz Fume
  5. Turasan Emir
  6. Arda Narince