Wine Tools and Accessories

Some of my favorite wine education and drinking tools!

 The Aromaster Master Wine Aroma Tasting Kit includes 88 of the most common scents (both good and bad) found in wine. I’ve been having a lot of fun with mine; learning to identify the aromas and comparing them to the wines I’m drinking. Caution: for such a pricey tool I was disappointed with the quality of the one I received. Caps are not well-fit to the vials and about 20% of those in my kit leaked creating an expensive, smelly mess.

If you don’t have the patience to decant and air your wine for an hour before drinking try an aerator. One pour through these is about the equivalent of breathing for half and hour. There are so many styles from which to choose but they all do about the same job.

 Some aerators like this Vintorio Aerator attach right to the bottle.

There are hand-held aerators like this one from Vinara. I like this because you can also pop one of these into the mouth of a decanter.

 Twister Wine Aerator & Decanter with Stand Set You can be really fancy (if you have the counter space!) and get a spiral aerator like this Twister Wine Aerator and Decanter from Williams Sonoma.

Image result for vinaera Or you can crazy amp up your aerating game with a Vinera: an electronic aerator by Care for Wine. Pop this bad boy on a wine bottle, push the button, and your wine is ready. It’s fun to play with too! They ship world-wide.

The glassware you use really does affect both the taste of wine and the drinking experience. A few of my favorite lines are:

Image result for zalto wine glass Zalto glasses are hand blown glasses made in Austria. Purchasable through local distributors and Amazon, Zalto glasses are paper thin and feather light. They’re somewhat terrifying to wash and polish but they are amazing.

Image result for riedel glasses Riedel is one of the leading names in wine glasses and drink ware. Many of their crystal glasses are grape-specific and truly enhance your wine experience.

 Nude is a Turkish glassware company. While their glasses are purchaseable online, if you’re in Turkey I suggest buying them from retailer Pasebahce. They’re cheaper in store! My favorite line from Nude is the Stem Zero collection which are similar in delicacy to the Zalto glasses.

  And speaking of glasses…the key to getting your wine glasses dry without water spots or smears is flour sack. There are many, many brands of and sizes of flour sack towels available on Amazon like this set of four from HIC.

Wine Folly is the triple threat of wine websites. In addition to their book and the information on the website, Wine Folly has created a series of other wine tools including wine appellation maps, educational posters, and more.