Suvla Bigalı White

Suvla Bigalı White 2014

Suvla has out a new series this year: Bigalı (running 19TL/bottle). I believe we’ve already covered the red so, in keeping with drinking more whites during the summer, it is time to discuss the Suvla Bigalı White.

The Suvla Bigalı White is like a super blend combining Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Chardonnay, Roussanne Marsanne. I’m not even sure where to begin with all of them especially as I am completely unfamiliar with the latter two.

So with everything I don’t know in mind…here we go.

The 2014 Suvla Bigalı White is straw gold in color.  The nose is very floral (unsurprising really with any of these grapes). On the palate it’s floral, pear, fruity, and a bit buttery perhaps. It was a little on the bright (higher acid) side for my personal taste but wasn’t at all astringent. It just really wanted to let us all know that it had its fair share of acid.

For me…not a huge win. And it really hurts me when I have to say that about a Suvla. To be fair, I am notoriously hard to please when it comes to dry whites. Even though it didn’t win any medals with me I would still recommend it for being a solid white with a crazy reasonable price for Turkey.

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