Suvla Kabatepe white

Suvla Kabatepe White 2013

This week we’re talking about the 2013 Suvla Kabatepe white. Sadly, they’re not producing any more of this so what is in stock is what is left. Kabatepe is Suvla’s lowest-price wine range and the best wines you can get in Turkey for under 25TL.

Like the red, the white is a super blend: Kınalı Yapıncak 47%, Chardonnay 17%, Sauvignon Blanc 15%, Semillon 10%, and Roussanne Marsanne 11%.

Right out of the bottle it was interesting with its bright straw yellow color and green hues. The nose was dry and little floral. I was really surprised by the flavor which was sweeter than I expected given the dryness of the nose. I don’t mean sweet like a Muscat sweet, of course, more like there was just a hint of honey.

Crisp, slightly acidic, and with flavors of what I think was green apple, the Suvla Kabatepe white was delightful. Such a pity there’s only a limited supply-so go get yours now!

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