The 2013 Suvla Merlot

I was both excited and trepidatious going into this Suvla Merlot. On the one hand…Merlot; blech. It rhymes with ‘no’ for a reason. One the other hand…Suvla hasn’t really disappointed me so far and the Suvla Merlot blends have been fantastic.  So here we go.

This is what she does when I’m drinking

The 2013 Suvla Merlot had a nice dense ruby color. Plum and cranberry on the nose; the bottle label said I should also be getting pepper in the nose but for me at least not so much (Sherlock had no comment). It was a bit tight when I first tried it. This one wants air so be prepared for that. In the mouth the tannins were rather light. In the front I got a lot of dark fruits and whatever pepper I wasn’t smelling I was certainly tasting.

At first there was something about the Suvla Merlot that completely turned me off; something mineraly that prepared me for ‘Merlot = no’ vindication. But I decided that Suvla wasn’t going to do me that way. Suvla and I have an understanding that in the realm of Turkish wines and all the pitfalls and dragons that go along with it; Suvla is my knight in shining armor. So I set aside the wine for a little while; okay it was a day before I could face it again but the point it that our mini breakup gave it time to open up. For me this vastly improved the experience. Breathing gave the Merlot a chance to exchange its initial uptight nature for something softer, really brought out the plum in the nose, and brightened up the flavor.

I like to think that I’m an adventurous eater and can generally place pretty high in any ‘what’s the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten’ competition but I have a few firm and fast food rules:

  1. Nothing from the body cavity. I’ve been there and I’m not going back. Deep fried chicken uterus on a stick. All I’m saying.
  2. Say no to Merlot.
  3. No (oaked) Chardonnay.
  4. Cilantro-why?!

So does this new found enjoyment of the 2013 Suvla Merlot mean I’m striking Rule 2? Abso-fracking-lutely not. What it means is that were someone to offer me a glass of Suvla Merlot I would happily accept rather than look at them with hurt because I thought we were friends but now they’re trying to poison me.  Every rule has it’s exception and I found Merlot’s! Suvla’s armor remains untarnished.

Suvla has several Merlots, the 2013 being at the least expensive end of the scale. While I can’t the 2013 has really made me want to work up the ladder; I am due for a visit to the shop in Cihangir and I think I might spring for one of the pricier blends. The Sir has consistently been a favorite but I have yet to try Suvla’s Sur (another Merlot blend as it happens). I have things to celebrate and I think a bottle of Sur will fit the bill!

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