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The 2013 Prodom Petit Verdot

For a very brief time I tried OK Cupid in Turkey. It was a largely uneventful experience but I mention it because it was while on a date that I found this week’s wine. He knew I was a wine lover and asked me to recommend a bottle so we wandered into a shop over in Karaköy (I know! I went to Asia for this guy but he was pretty cute, and tall, and a doctor). I was expounding on the merits of different wines when I saw the Prodom label. I started to tell him that if he wanted to invest the money then Prodom was a sure bet. Then my eyes caught up with my mouth and I saw something I’d never before found in the shops in my area: a Prodom Petit Verdot. I grabbed the one bottle and hugged it to my chest while saying: “Except this one; this one is mine.”

Probably needless to day but we haven’t been out again. For a wine like the Prodom Petit Verdot though it was a fair trade.

Prodom Petit Verdot

The nose of this beautiful wine was full of black fruits and flowers-violets and maybe lilac? Fourteen months in (French) oak have helped tame the high tannins into a really gorgeous velvety mouth feel with a long, enjoyable finish. The flavors called to mind blueberries and blackberry jam and mocha.

If you’re interested in trying a Petit Verdot varietal then the Prodom Petit Verdot is a nice place to start. Yes it’s going to put a small dent in your pocketbook but it could be worse. If you want to trek over to Karaköy to Rind then it will only set you back 95 TL; but if you’re too lazy to go to Asia then you can find it at the Savoy tobacco shop (in Cihangir on Siraselviler) for 115 TL.

Prodom Syrah Kalecik Karası

The 2012 Prodom Syrah Kalecik Karası

The Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc blend is not Prodom’s only red blend. There is also the Prodom Syrah Kalecik Karası blend (also 120TL at La Cave) and, thanks to my awesome neighbor who wanted to do a comparison of the two, I had a chance to try it.

I’m not a huge fan of Syrah in general, or of blends that are majority Syrah, as I find that many of them are too tart for my liking. So I was pleasantly surprised to find enjoying this one from the first sip.

The nose of the Prodom Syrah Kalecik Karası was spice, cherries, red fruit, and something sweet that I couldn’t quite identify, perhaps cotton candy coming through from the Kalecik Karası? Cotton candy as a scent/flavor in wine kind of freaks me out a little. It does not seem like a natural flavor for a grape to have.

Possible cotton candy aside, the flavors on the palate were very nice: blackberries, dark fruits, clove, allspice, and a little tobacco. This Prodom is nicely tannic with medium-high acid (I got a little bit of the Coke burn from it) with a long, clean finish.

It did mellow nicely so eventually that Coke burn went away. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m usually too impatient to let a wine breathe for more than a count of 10 so that’s quite likely why I was getting the Coke affect.

While we opened both bottles that evening we never did get around to doing a proper comparison. One bottle was probably enough but caution was thrown to the winds and we opened the other bottle anyway. Unfortunately my neighbor was already three sheets to those winds so actual comparing didn’t happen. We’re going to give ourselves a second chance at the comparison sometime this winter when he returns to Istanbul. While I remember being surprised by how much I liked this Prodom Syrah Kalecik Karası I now don’t remember which one I liked more! And since the Turkish Lira is once again gaining ground (good for Turkey if bad for me) I’m less willing to run around buying 120TL bottles of wine willy nilly.

Prodom Syrah Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc

The 2012 Prodom Syrah Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc Blend

I have so many fond memories of the Prodom Syrah Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc blend. It was the first truly beautiful Turkish wine I had. It was the wine that made me realize both that Turkish wine could be amazing and that (at 120 TL at La Cave) that I was probably going to have to pay for amazing wine.

Why did I fall so hard in love with this wine? Well tannins for one thing. Every time I treat myself to a bottle of this I’m reminded again of the very niiiice tannins it has, and I loves me some tannins. But I get ahead of myself. The nose is dark, full of dark fruits and cherries. If something can smell velvety, this does.

Those beautiful, velvety tannins are accompanied by some medium acid and a long finish. On the palate, the flavors of the Prodom Syrah Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc mimic the nose with luscious dark fruits, chocolate, and some nuttiness from the oak.

Delicious AND it looks good with my view!

Like my other favorite reds, this Prodom Syrah Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc blend goes well with my favorite foods like tomatoes, goat cheese, and truffled almonds.