Turasan Red Blend

Tursan is possibly the leading winemaker in the Cappadocia region. It’s a tough region with high elevation, grasslands, harsh, cold winters, and not a lot of lush greenery. Like many wineries in Turkey, Turasan produces several labels under its name including: Seneler, Classic, and blends. While I was in Cappadocia with a visiting friend we picked up the Turasan red blend. Not gonna lie-not my favorite.

The Turasan red blend seemed to have been on a mission to include any and every possible grape including: Syrah, Boğazkere, Kalecik Karası, and Öküzgözü. In the glass this Turasan red blend was a deep purple-red color. In the nose I detected hints of blackberry, dry plum, and caramel.

That sounds nice, but for me this is where the Turasan red blend fell apart-to the point where I couldn’t even finish two measly glasses. On the palate there were some light tannins but a rather high level of acid. Some of the aromas from the nose carried through to the palate but it was a little difficult to really detect anything under how hot the wine was.  I have a feeling that, had I drunk anymore, I would have not been able to get up the next morning for our sunrise balloon flight!

For me this was a sad introduction to the famous Turasan wines. Hopefully I’ll find others to my taste!

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