Uncorking the Caucasus

Uncorking the Caucasus by Dr. Matthew Horkey and Charine Tan. Part wine guide, part travel guide, Uncorking the Caucasus takes you through highlights of wine history and the industry in Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey.

As the founders of Exotic Wine Travel Horkey and Tan are no strangers to wine produced in some of the world’s less famous wine regions. While more of an overview than in-depth research, their hard work, enthusiasm, and love for these often ignored wine countries is both obvious and delightful.

As a foreigner living in Turkey I both appreciate and applaud their efforts on the book’s Turkey section. Wine tourism in this country is a difficult undertaking and the information they provide is accurate and helpful.

My favorite part of Uncorking the Caucasus is the tasting notes. Horkey and Tan, who review wine on their YouTube channel, provide notes about some of the wines they experienced in these countries. If you’re a novice to the region then the wines they reviewed are a good place to start your own love affair with wines from the Caucasus!

Uncorking the Caucasus is the first book by this dynamic team and I’m very much looking forward to their next books!

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