Urla Vourla

The 2011 Urla Vourla

Urla is a new winery to me, I haven’t noticed this one before so when I saw the 2011 Urla Vourla at Comedus (59TL) I had to get it. I’m always on the lookout for a new wine maker here.

A nice solid red color gave way to a truly lovely nose filled with dark fruits and berries.

In the mouth this blend of Boğazkere, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon was pretty bold. The Vourla has a large, dense flavor supported by velvety tannins followed by a long finish. The one slightly off note to the body was that it was oddly thick. Which was really rather off-putting.

On the attack the Urla Vourla was like a mouth full of berries, big, fruity, and a little jammy which is something to which I never object. However…there always has to be a however…the finish is clearly alcoholic. Both M and I really liked the wine overall, as long as we swallowed quickly. The longer we held it in our mouths the more obvious the burn.

The Urla Winery is named after the region where the vineyards are located (in Urla in case that wasn’t obvious). Apparently I’ve really missed out by not visiting, it looks like it’s gorgeous. They produce quite a few wines that all look very intriguing; intriguing and, aside from the Vourla, expensive. These are wines that I’ll have to think about before I buy; although I’m fairly certain that they’ll be worth the sticker shock.

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