Vinkara Quattro Dömi-Sek Misket

Vinkara is fairly widely available here in Istanbul and produces several labels: Winehouse, Reserve, Vinkara, and Quattro. They’re not my favorite producer but since I’m I’ma  drive to try all the Miskets made in Turkey I decided to give the Vinkara Quattro Dömi-Sek a go.

This is the first of the Miskets I’ve tried that has truly been a semi-dry. Quite probably that’s why the  Vinkara Quattro Dömi-Sek wasn’t a favorite for me. It was not at all bad and I think, even at 35TL a bottle, I might like to give it another try and see what I think of it a second time around. I went into this with a preconceived idea about what the taste was going to be and when something completely different happened I couldn’t quite keep up.

I think the view might have improved the flavor!

While the nose and flavor profiles were within the same family as the sweeter Miskets I’ve been drinking, the taste was quite a lot drier and the orange blossom and honey flavors I’ve come to expect much less evident. Instead the flavors of the  Vinkara Quattro Dömi-Sek were more heavily citrus with lemon and grapefruit, and herbs.

The  Vinkara Quattro Dömi-Sek went quite well with a dessert Stilton I picked up recently in London and with chocolate; however it went far less well with peaches and nectarines. Shudder. That I won’t do again. But the wine I just might; just not any time soon…

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