Vino Dessera Öküzgözü

Vino Dessera Öküzgözü 2012

A few weeks ago I finally made it to Comedus, a great little charcuterie deli nearish my place. In addition to going a little nuts buying a variety of cheeses and meats, I also picked up several bottles of really quite reasonably priced wine, including the 2012 Vino Dessera Öküzgözü.

Comedus had a couple wines by Vino Dessera, the Öküzgözü I picked up (32TL) and a Cabernet Sauvingnon. Since I liked the Öküzgözü so well (spoiler), I’ll probably go back for the Cabernet and if even the nose is at all similar (beautiful, floral with red fruits) I think I’ll like that too.

Aside from my eye drops everything on the table was delicious.

Initially on the palate the Vino Dessera Öküzgözü was not a remarkable wine. Like most of the Öküzgözüs I’ve had the tannins were barely discernible; nor did the wine have much of any finish. However, a nice level of acid combined with a good floral/fruity balance and juicy fruits made for such a charming and delightful flavor that I couldn’t be moved to care too much about missing tannins!

More than just a nice drinking wine, the Vino Dessera Öküzgözü also paired very well with the cheeses and smoked meats we got, highlighting the richness of the meat and playing well with both the strong flavors of goat cheese and the sweetness of caramelized red onions.

So…winner!! There are many reasons I’ll be headed back to Comedus soon and getting another bottle of this (plus anything else by Vino Dessera) is one of them.

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