Wine: A Tasting Course

Wine: A Tasting Course by Marnie Old is a great primer if you’re interested in learning about the finer nuances of wine and wine tasting.

While Old covers a variety of wine styles, the major wine regions of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa she distinguishes her book from others of similar topic. Chapters such as Browsing and Buying, Pouring and Storing, Matching Food and Wine make her book stand out.

While not as intensely detailed as some other books, what I love the most about Old’s Wine: A Tasting Course is the colorful, easy to read presentation. There’s no prerequisite reading for this book. Old has written it in language easy to follow by the most novice wine lover. Information is mostly presented in bright graphics; making this especially useful for visual learners.

As the book’s subtitle, Every Class in a Glass claims there are self-guided tasting instructions. Old goes beyond see, sniff, and swirl. She suggests wines to try and compare and contrast along with tips about what aromas, flavors, and mouthfeels to be on the lookout for in each of them.

Wine: A Tasting Course is a great way for new oenophiles to get started!

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